At Phones 4 Business we help businesses to get the best broadband speeds possible. In order to do that you a business must understand what they are and how they can be measured within your business.

What is a broadband speed?

A broadband speed is the speed that you get information from the internet to your computer and vice versa. Broadband speeds can be broken into two sub categories.

When information moves from the internet to your computer, it is known as your download speed. Your upload speed is how quickly you can get information from your computer to the internet. A good example of this would be putting a video on YouTube, adding your business listing to a directory or uploading pictures to your company social media profiles.

Broadband upload speeds are usually much slower than download speeds. The reason? People generally do far more downloading than uploading, so downloading is given priority by the Internet Service Providers (ISP) who regulate how their network deals with traffic.

However, upload speeds are very important to people doing large amounts of uploading, such as someone working from home (who wants to exchange files with their Head Office) or a team sharing documents through a cloud based software. If this is important to you, make sure you choose an ISP that takes its upload speed seriously.

How are broadband speeds measured?

Broadband speeds are measured in Mbps (Megabits per second), however they are sometimes referred to as ‘Meg’. The higher number of megabytes (these are different and are used to measure file size) you are able to download per second, the faster the connection.

What broadband speed can I get?

By filling in our short broadband assessment we can easily tell you what your maximum download speed could be, with each service provider. This speed estimate is generated using telephone line data from previous broadband service installations.

Speed Tests on your current Broadband

If you want to check the speed of your current broadband at a particular time, you can use our Phones 4 Business’ speed checker to get you started. The speed checker downloads a file from the server and measures how long your connection takes to download it. The size of the file will be different according to your line speed.