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Business VoIP Phone Systems

Technology provides the heartbeat of your entire business, and phone systems are unquestionably one of the most important. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) delivers voice communications and digital interactions via your internet connection with more features and less cost.

You will continue to make phone calls using desk phones whilst making savings in the region of 30% from line rental and call charges, and with the added benefits of making business calls from mobile apps or softphones (calls through your PC) as if you were sitting at your desk.

VoIP systems offer many benefits for your business, including but not limited to:

  • Do far more than just make/receive calls due to an abundance of features.
  • Save money due to the low start-up costs and reduced need for hardware.
  • Utilise a scalable model that can grow alongside your evolving business.
  • Protect the business through 24/7 monitoring.
  • Stay connected across the entire company with multi-site capabilities.
  • Home and mobile workers  remain connected.

An advanced Business VoIP phone system can transform your approach to communication, resulting in a wealth of benefits for the entire team.

Which VoIP phone system is right for your business?

There are two solutions available suited to different business types and requirements; hosted VoIP where the bulk of the technology is managed in the cloud, and on-premise where you control the hardware and calls are made via SIP lines. Both systems can be configured and managed by your IT team.

BT has announced they will switch off the ISDN network in 2025 and no new orders will be accepted from 2020. Moving your landlines to VoIP technology is now becoming increasingly urgent.

Hosted VoIP

A VoIP phone system hosted in the cloud operates in exactly the same way as an on-premise system with the same great features. The difference is your PBX hardware (Private Branch Exchange) is fully managed, updated and supported removing the need for IT expertise.

Desk phones, mobile apps, and softphones connect directly via any broadband or 4G connection. You can simply unplug your office phone, plug it in at home and it connects to your system (plug and play). You can also make and transfer calls from your mobile app from your office phone number.

Benefits of Hosted:

  • Great features including voicemail, conference calls, and call recording.
  • Least amount of equipment is required, usually just handsets.
  • Work from anywhere with mobile and desktop apps.
  • If disaster strikes such as power outages, your phone system remains connected.
  • Add and remove users as you need from your own control centre.
  • Keep your existing numbers, or add more as you need to.

With cloud-based VoIP, the phone system grows with your business needs. You can start with one user, then add or remove users as you need, month by month. Your spending is also fixed; with a call bundle with free calls to UK landlines and mobiles, you can easily manage your budget.

Our hosted platform EVE seeks out the best possible connection for any call you make, particularly when using your mobile, thus ensuring that you will enjoy the best call quality available in any location. eve helps your teamwork seamlessly and share information, wherever they are.

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On-premise phone systems connect to VoIP using SIP trunks. SIP Trunks can be thought of as virtual phone lines replacing all analogue and ISDN lines. A business with 100 staff would require on average 30 SIP Trunks as not all staff would be using the phone at the same time.

An on-premise PBX manages all inbound and outbound calls and extra services. The setup is more complex than Hosted but can achieve greater cost savings for larger businesses. This is why an on-premise PBX is considered an Enterprise IP Voice solution.

SIP brings about many benefits:

  • Potential for improved cost efficiency and cost savings.
  • Additional users can be added quickly without having to wait for more circuits to be installed.
  • Calls can be routed to other sites, providing control where phone service is being provided.
  • Mobile Twinning provides the same flexibility and freedom as Hosted VoIP.

If you already use an on-premise solution it may be possible to simply switch to SIP. If not, it is possible to introduce a Hybrid PBX that works with both SIP and your existing digital handsets. This means you can benefit from saving money through VoIP, without a huge up-front cost. New IP phones and devices can be introduced to take full advantage of extended VoIP features.

Phones 4 Business provides, installs and maintains PBX phone systems from leading manufacturers, including NEC and LG Ericsson.

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VoIP and your broadband connection

Both hosted and on-premise systems require a reliable broadband connection, therefore the quality of your VoIP will be affected by the speed and reliability of your broadband line. High-speed fibre optic will provide a much clearer sound, even better than traditional ISDN lines.

Another consideration is WiFi connectivity. Some users in the office prefer to make calls using their mobile app whilst wandering from room to room. With WiFi access points installed users can move freely through your offices without dropping the connection. Connected devices move from one access point to the next always connecting to the strongest signal.

Phones 4 Business can help you make sense of the broadband options available.

Great VoIP Features

The way in which we communicate has changed at a rapid rate in recent years, not least in business. VoIP facilitates voice and data interactions across all devices which ultimately translates to increased efficiency.

Better still, all features can be tailored to suit the needs of the business, as well as budget. 

Virtual Numbers

A virtual number can be attributed to a geographic location or used as a free phone or premium number. Crucially, the virtual number can be attached to several devices, allowing for greater consistency across the business. Individual devices can still utilise extension numbers to provide an even greater sense of versatility.

Mobile Device Integration

VoIP services can be accessed via office handsets, mobiles and computers. Calls can be automatically routed to ring all 3 at once, providing the user choice of how to accept a call. Even small businesses remain available to staff, suppliers, and clients on a 24/7 basis. As business VoIP calls are made using an app, the user will keep their standard mobile number too, turning their device into a tool for work and leisure.

Call Recording

In addition to the reliable connection gained by choosing online interactions rather than traditional telephone lines, all calls can be automatically recorded. Whether this information is required to settle a dispute, provide insight and staff training, or allow colleagues to pick up a call doesn’t matter. Automated recording can take communication to a new level.

Hunt Groups

Automation is vital in many aspects of modern communication. Hunt groups are an ideal solution in which the calls are diverted by sending the call through to all selected extensions until it is answered. This task can be completed in several ways, and ultimately ensures that the caller is connected to the right agent in the fastest possible time.

Installation, Training and Management

Integrating new technologies is always a big decision for business owners. The benefits are plentiful, but you also need to think about the potential negative features.

Phones 4 Business make the process as convenient as possible. From choosing the right infrastructure to installing the software and training your employees, we make the process fast and efficient.

Ongoing management ensures that VoIP continues to provide the best solution for years. We can:

  • Design a VoIP network that is perfectly suited to your business and ready to grow.
  • Ensure that all staff members are trained to use systems in the same way.
  • Incorporate screen sharing and other collaborative features to enhance your output.
  • Dispose of any outdated equipment that is no longer needed in a safe manner.
  • Ensure that your broadband connection is of the highest standard for reliable interactions.

VoIP is the best solution for modern businesses from all industries, and now is the time to make the switch. Our quality services allow you to reap the full rewards of an advanced communication system.

Phones 4 Business

As an accredited partner, Phones 4 Business are able to offer a range of Samsung, LG, Panasonic, and NEC Telephone Systems and Handsets.

Using our in-depth knowledge, we will ensure that you get the best telephone system to suit the needs and requirements of your business. Our friendly customer service team led by Emma Martineau will manage your account and fight to ensure your system is delivered on time, whilst keeping you up-to-date on all aspects of the installation and programming. We will deliver a full training programme to ensure that all staff are trained in the optimal use of the telephone system by one of our technical team.

We know that our customers can’t always take in all the training when the new telephone system is first installed and it can seem like a heavy burden, so we promise to visit your premises within one month of installation to provide further training. We also know you will want to get the most from the system when you know what fantastic functionality it has, and so we will concurrently ‘tweak’ the system for you.

We can offer to lease or buy outright options to suit all scales of budget. Each new system comes with Installation, Programming, and User-Training, with the first year’s maintenance package absolutely free.


Our account managers are technically qualified to evaluate your business phone system needs, from required bandwidth to network cabling to ensure your entire business is connected.

We provide:

  • Line Rental – up to 20% cheaper than BT standard business rates
  • Call Charges – up to 50% cheaper than BT standard business rates
  • Free fault reporting
  • Upgrade work – from analogue to digital or IP
  • One call for all of your communication requirements

If you would like to save money and make cheaper business calls contact us now and arrange for a free analysis of your bill. From one call we can learn about your usage and then find the best prices possible for your business. We are a family run business so if circumstances change we will be able to adapt accordingly and you will always be able to speak with our team if you need guidance or advice.

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