Protecting Your Phone System

It’s a little known fact that phone systems are just as vulnerable to hacking as PCs. Whilst most companies go to great lengths to protect their LANS and PCs from these attacks, with the use of firewalls and virus scanners, they leave their phone systems completely unprotected. Companies can go bankrupt on the huge phone bills generated by telecommunications villains through the illegal use of phone systems.

Worse still, whilst they usually hijack your phone system to make illegal calls after hours, at the weekend of during Public Holidays when detection is least likely, you will still end up paying the bill and no one with a phone system is safe from these forces. You can see an example of this happening on our blog here.

But help is at hand – our Control Phreak automatically stops this from happening. What’s more, you decide how liberal or restrictive the flow of call traffic will be through your phone system. You have the power to control the rules governing this flow so that the legitimate phone traffic of your business is never compromised.

Up until know, there was no effective defence or protection against phreaking attacks. The best that could be done was to provide after-the-fact alerts via call management systems. With Control Phreak, you have the power of when and by whom your phone system is accessed without you having to lift a finger.

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