Welcome to Phones 4 Business Limited

Phones 4 Business is a constant work in progress as we adapt to the ever-changing way we are communicating with one another.

Back in 1999, our aim was to provide support to customers who found that they had purchased a phone system from a supplier which then proved inadequate or unprepared to support their customer with any changes or if anything went wrong. Our Maintenance Packages were born.

With the knowledge we gained, by 2002 we were then able to sell and install telephone systems directly as well as offering Maintenance Packages to our expanding customer base. Since the customer now only had one supplier for its telephone system requirements, they saved money and we continued to grow.

By 2005, we decided to further reduce customers telephony bill by providing them with Network Services too, i.e. line rental, call charges and broadband. Phones 4 Business had become a one-stop-shop. We have been able to add Mobile Phone Services into our bundle of products. This means that we can offer you contracts with O2 or Vodafone for less than if you were to go directly to them.

Since the late noughties, we have realised that we needed to diversify still further with BT’s announcement of its withdrawal from copper services by the end of 2025. This means that every single business must transition to either a VoIP Telephone System or adopt a Hosted Telecoms Solution. We have embraced this challenge and already have a number of customers with a VoIP system, Hosted Communications or indeed a Hybrid System (one which continues to use copper until the move to VoIP is feasible).

We know that telephony technology can be difficult to understand, that bills can seem illegible and that many suppliers are incredibly difficult to get hold of.  We aim to answer all our calls within 5 rings, we answer our calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we speak English! It is never too much trouble to explain what you might not understand as many of our testimonials bear out.

Finding the right phone system solution

We know from experience that businesses find it hard to choose the right phone system. Using our in-depth knowledge, we will ensure that you get the best telephone solution to suit the needs and requirements of your business.

We also know that choosing the correct system is not the only challenge businesses face. Many of our existing customers had struggled with larger providers in the past and found their systems were unreliable and problems were difficult to resolve. This was often due to their suppliers having hard to reach support teams which passed them from pillar to post, or being a sales led company without the necessary resources to provide any support.

Emma Martineau - Phones 4 Business

Emma Martineau

Finance Director

I went into the City of London after obtaining my 1st Class BSc (Hons) degree. It wasn’t long before I realised that I wanted to put my interpersonal skills to use and embarked on a career in telecoms with Phones 4 Business.

I fully understand that our customers need to communicate effectively with their customers. In turn, they require their telecoms provider to be available, approachable and understandable. I will ensure that Phones 4 Business will give you personal service.

Malcolm Martineau - Phones 4 Business

Malcolm Martineau


After leaving school at 16, I began an apprenticeship in electronic engineering for the next 4 years. After completing this, I worked for a local company making data logging equipment. One of the applications for these was to connect to telephone systems and collect the call record data, store the data and send it to HQ overnight. I initially started in the test department and progressed to the service department. It was then that I decided on my niche, and moved on to work for telecoms companies, installing and maintaining Toshiba, Samsung and Panasonic systems.

In the year 2000 I began trading as TEC21 offering sub-contract engineering to telecoms companies and offering impartial advice on the most suitable systems for customers. After a short while, a sales partner joined me and, re-branded as Phones 4 Business, we took off supplying and maintaining telephone systems for our own customer base.

In recent years we have diversified in to the hosted voice offerings and provide high quality, feature rich VoIP solutions to our long standing customers and new customers alike

Professional Associations


England & Company

PRO Disability

Janice Adamson

“I wanted to write to say thank you, to you and the team for your excellent service. We rely heavily on the internet for most of our work supporting vulnerable people, so when we lost our internet connection it could have caused us major problems. Open reach were unable to identify the problem or to sort it out quickly but your company took the pressure off us by dealing with them on our behalf and then provided us with a temporary solution which allowed us to carry on our work. I would not hesitate to recommend you to others.”

Webster Family Butchers

Carly Webster

“Extremely happy with the service provided by Phones 4 Business. Emma was so helpful ensuring a smooth crossover from our old provider for our shop phone, internet and mobile and Malcolm’s engineering expertise were first class when it came to installation.

The whole process of updating our system was so easy and didn’t interrupt business at all – would highly recommend them!”

Aerotech Precision Manufacturing

Paul Duncalfe,
IT Manager

Dear Emma,

I am writing to thank you for the excellent service we have received from you and the team at Phones 4 Business relating to our new VOIP phone system. We are already seeing the benefits promised and associated cost savings, I really like the transparent approach. Any technical changes/support has been dealt with straight away so as far as I’m concerned our phone system is one thing I no longer have to worry about.

PRO Display

Janice Adamson,
Chief Executive

Dear Malcolm and Emma

I am writing to thank you for your excellent service.

Your support and knowledge prior to making a decision about the most appropriate phone system for our needs was invaluable and your engineer Steve was very professional and efficient on installation day. I would say he went beyond his remit and worked around our small team and our operating times in order that there was minimal disruption to our phone system during our office opening hours. This was all followed up by a courtesy call to ensure we were happy with the new system and if we needed any further assistance.

I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to any prospective service users.

Waypoints Care Group

Danielle Riley.
Operations Coordinator

We have worked with Phones 4 Business since March 2016 and I would absolutely recommend Emma, Malcolm, Steve and the rest of their team to provide a friendly and professional telephone system and network service.

Previously we held contracts for the maintenance of our telephone systems and phone lines with a number of different providers across four separate locations. This made it very difficult to keep on top of who to go to when there was a problem. In addition the service provided could be slow and impersonal.

Formerly telecommunications had been an absolute minefield but Phones 4 Business provide an excellent service in a language that we are able to understand. I don’t feel worried about asking questions and always receive a full explanation even if I’ve asked the same questions a hundred times before! They are extremely patient and very skilled at communicating what the issue is and how it may be solved.

They have worked tirelessly to assist us in managing the integration between our phone system and nurse call system which had unfortunately been left in a fairly bad state prior to their contract starting and even managed to source a number of replacement handsets which were no longer in production. They are happy to work closely with both our IT and Nurse Call system contractors and I trust that I can leave something in their capable hands and that I will be updated as soon as they are able. A big thank you for your continued support.

Sunny Day Residential Home

Cherry Wild

We first approached Phones 4 Business more than 10 years ago when we started to experience a number of faults with our business phone system and many of the parts had become obsolete. We explained to Malcolm and Emma how imperative it was to our business that staff had the ability communicate quickly and effectively and at all times, in the event of an emergency. It was also very important that our residents had access to a personal phone in order to maintain regular contact with their families and loved ones.

Phones 4 business provided us with a new phone system which enabled us to have 7 master phones located throughout the building, with a further 36 handsets, one in each of the residents’ rooms. What’s more, each resident has their own unique extension so family and friends are able to contact them directly and if there is no answer, the call is diverted to our office staff. Throughout the installation, Malcolm and the team were unobtrusive, clean and quiet which was very comforting for our residents.

Since the installation, support has always been provided promptly and professionally, whether it be remote assistance or an onsite visit. The billing is very simple and its reassuring to have a personal relationship and a name to call upon when needed.

We have recently upgraded our phone system again and we were so happy with the service Phones 4 Business had provided, we did not even consider quotes from other companies for this project. We would happily recommend their services to other businesses who are looking to upgrade or purchase a new phone system.

APA Publications Ltd

Paul Burton

I wanted to thank you for the work you put into our recent office move. As you know I have a busy schedule and knowing that all I have to do is tell you what I need and then I can forget about it, is a huge weight off my shoulders. You always go above and beyond and the job is always completed to a high standard – again this means a lot to our business. Malcolm brings the ability to bridge the seemingly impossible void between the end user and BT, together with a fantastic knowledge of Telephony. Additionally to all the points above, it’s always a pleasure to work with you both.

Brackenwood Windows & Conservatories

Gill Wheatland

P4B has provided telephone system support to Brackenwood Windows Limited for nearly 10 years. During that time it has been involved in the installation of two complete telephone systems compromising in the region of 25 extensions. Both installations were carried out with the minimum of disruption to our business and nothing is ever too much trouble. The team’s quiet, calm manner ensures that training on a new system is stress-free and easily accomplished with the help of their knowledge and good humour. The Service and support we receive from everyone in the company is second to none. Questions are answered promptly and requests are actioned speedily.

Medland Sanders and Twose

Linda Hunt

Our company have dealt with Malcolm/Emma and their team for many years. They installed our current Samsung Phone System back in 2008 and have Maintained it ever since, on this we have approx. 60 landlines. We currently have 2 depots but did have 5, which were all serviced by them. We have been so pleased with the service we received from them, that from this July we have now moved all our landline calls over to them, this will make it so much easier, as you only have to make the one call if you have a problem, whether it is the phone or the line. We have never had any problems with the service we have received from them and would recommend them.