iPECS Cloud

A cloud solution tailored to the needs of your team.

iPECS Cloud is designed to scale to suit all sizes of business, from a single home office to multiple locations across the globe.

With on-demand features and same-day provisioning, you can add or remove users quickly and easily. Advanced feature packs can tailor your experience from a complete call centre solution to reception consoles and more.

With fully featured handsets and simple web, PC or smartphone apps, your users will benefit from iPECS Cloud in record time.

Core Features

iPECS cloud has all the core business functions you need beyond making and receiving calls.

Solutions tailored to the needs of your team

iPECS Cloud Office Use


“iPECS Cloud means I can scale and grow my business with confidence and know that everyone in my business can communicate and collaborate.” 

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“I am always on the go and iPECS Cloud has enabled me to access my office communications regardless of device, location or time.”

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”I can support my customers better as they know what’s happening if they ever have to queue. There’s a simple announcement with auto attendant helping direct the call.” 3 of 8


“The wallboard tells me and the team when we all need to
grab the phones and simple reports help me stay on top of
costs and response times.”

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“Travelling abroad used to mean lots of expensive calls to the office and restricting calls home to my family but with iPECS Cloud technology on my smartphone and laptop I can easily call at local rates wherever I am in the world.” 5 of 8


“I can easily see what everyone is doing and transfer
calls with a single button or mouse click. It’s never been

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“With a simple and intuitive web portal I can make changes to iPECS Cloud myself and complete handset moves quickly and easily.” 7 of 8


“Being able to see the status (“presence”) of my colleagues and instant message quick questions makes me feel like I am sitting next to my team.” 8 of 8
iPECS Cloud Portal

Cloud Portal

A simple yet intuitive interface makes it easy to manage the day to day running of your communications. Fully configurable admin and user access enables you to tailor the interface to meet your business needs. 


iCS Insight

Call data visualisation
  • Accessible from any internet facing device: Access call analytics via a web browser on traditional desktop devices or monitor on the go through your mobile.
  • Call metrics: Delivery of essential call information via an intuitive dashboard and visual wallboard.
  • Monitor performance: View call activity by DDI / extension / user.
  • Export and email: Export reports as PDF or CSV and email to any email address.
  • Quick access via any client device: Quick access to KPI reports.
  • Mobile-optimised: The mobile-responsive application design facilities access to business reports whenever and wherever needed.
iPECS Cloud iCS Insight
iPECS Cloud iCS Report

iCS Report

Manage service levels and make informed decisions

  • Browse an extensive catalogue of reports or use filter to customise your own to identify trends in performance. Report on call activity by extension, department, DDI and user.
  • Incoming call analytics. Measure call volumes, targets, grade of service, percentage calls answered and unreturned missed calls.
  • Schedule reports for yesterday, last week or custom dates.
  • Executive reports collate data from multiple reports and provide observations and recommended actions.
  • Customised dashboards and wallboards.

Detailed analysis enables you to maximise staff and resource productivity, minimise costs, avoid missed opportunities from dropped calls and deliver the highest levels of customer service.

Ericsson-LG iPECS Cloud

Ericsson-LG Enterprise is a leading provider of business communications solution with over 40 years of experience in the global market. Bringing its premium brand ‘iPECS’ to the market, Ericsson-LG Enterprise delivers a complete product lineup for Unified Communications from small to large-sized businesses, and establishes its strong position through advanced technology and diverse reference sites. Continuing our efforts, we aim to build the iPECS brand as one of the world’s leading enterprise communication solution providers.


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