NEC SV9100

NEC SV9100’s Univerge telephone system keeps you and your customers connected

Flexible, reliable and scalable to up to 800 + users with a wide range of applications and endpoints

Smart Connections

The NEC SV9100 supports a combination of endpoints, with ports for IP, digital, DECT and traditional analogue devices. It can directly connect into existing architectures and current hardware, whilst providing scope for updates and improvements.

Connections range from up to 400 SIP Trunks from multiple carriers, up to 184 ISDN2e (BRI) trunks and up to 180 ISDN30e (PRI) channels.

Smart Applications

A wide range of embedded applications are included that uses a licensing system to enable, so you can choose the exact options you need. Everything, calls included, can be accessed and managed on a desktop interface and web client for remote access.

Built in applications include

  • MyCalls, CRM integration and call recording
  • InGuard, listening and toll fraud defence
  • InReports, call and user statistics
  • InUC, full featured Unified Communications & Collaboration
  • InHotel, property management system
NEC SV9100 PBX, Phones & Handsets
NEC SV9100 - MyCalls Application

NEC MyCalls Application

NEC MyCalls includes call management, call centre management, call recording and CTI (computer telephone integration), providing real time information and control of every aspect of your phone system and use.

When a call is received, MyCalls works with your CRM automatically to present customer data. Compatible with Outlook and most other CRMs, your team can significantly reduce call handling time whilst improving customer experience.

For any organisation, call recording is an essential tool and sometimes a legal requirement. MyCalls call recording provides undisputable facts about every call that can be used to quickly and effectively resolve disputes, improve customer service through staff training and refine call handling. Telephone numbers can also be removed from call recording for GDPR compliance.


NEC InGuard Application

With toll fraud on the rise, the NEC InGuard application delivers 24/7 protection against attacks. All calls are monitored with any suspicious activity quickly identified and blocked.

Based on your company calling pattern, InGuard is quickly and simply set up. Rules can be established for office hours, calling patterns and call rates raising an alarm if rules are broken. These rules will also prevent abuse of the telephone system internally.

NEC InGuard Security Application
NEC InReports Application

NEC InReports Application

NEC’s InReports provides live dashboard to monitor your entire company’s call efficiency. Displayed on wall boards, real-time statistics include total answered, unanswered, and time taken to answer as well as live data for outgoing calls and call duration.

Pre-defined reports can be broken down by hour, day, week or month and exported to CSV files for deeper analysis. Call cost detail enables managers to monitor staff costs which can be drilled down for specific information by user and even device type.



NEC’s InUC using WebRTC (Real-Time Communications) provides a cost-effective way for your teams to collaborate from any location. InUC has video conferencing, document sharing, screen sharing, instant messaging and presence for up to 128 users.

Video conference helps organisations save money through travel by connecting mobile, home workers and remote sites. Screen and document sharing accessed through your browser means your team has access to the files they need anywhere at any time.

As it’s easy to use with no/minimal training required, your team can achieve more though a unified set of collaboration tools.

NEC InUC Unified Communications Software
NEC InHotel Application

NEC InHotel Application

InHotel is a complete property management system with incorporated telephone system. Suitable for hotels with up to 120 rooms, InHotel is a cost-effective solution for bookings, billing and administration. As part of NEC’s InApps suite of applications, the technology is built-in with no need for additional servers.


We Supply. Install. Train. Maintain.

NEC is known worldwide for its excellence in telecommunications and has won numerous awards for their hard work and dedication in ensuring their telephone systems meet today’s business needs.

NEC telephone systems provide an incredible amount of configurable options which is why Phones 4 Business have become an accredited NEC Business Partner.

The NEC SV9100 is one of the most easily configurable on-premises PBC servers available, offering migration for existing NEC customers looking to update or upgrade.


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