eve Cloud Phone System

The perfect small business phone system

The primary benefit of a cloud phone system over an on-site system is a reduction in time and money spent on setup, ongoing management, and security. Cloud phone systems require less hardware, less IT expertise, and scale with your business.

Turning a simple internet connection into a fully functional phone system, Cloud VoIP offers a secure solution that goes everywhere you go.

More than just a phone, eve phone system offers unified communications, instant messaging, call recording, conference calling, hunt groups and call centre functionality, all of which are managed from an intuitive online portal.

Ways to make and receive VoIP calls

eve brings together all communication technology into one business phone system. eve cloud phone systems works across smart phones and tablets, laptops and desktop computers as well as a comprehensive range of IP phones. All call routing and call managment is configured through an intiutuve portal.

Mitel 6865 IP Phone
Yealink W52P IP Phone
Mitel 6869 IP Phone
Yealink T46G IP Phone

Desktop IP Phones

Hosted telephony can connect to virtually any IP handset. Choose from basic phones with caller display to smart handsets with touch screen, video calling and instant messaging.

eve Mobile App

eve mobile app keeps you connected wherever you are. Twinned with your desk-phone, make and receive calls on a single number. With instant messaging, file sharing and video calling, working away from your desk is no longer compromised.

eve cloud phone system mobile app
eve Softphone and Portal


Plug in a headset to make your computer work even harder. eve desktop application (softphone) lets you work comfortably whilst enjoying all its collaboration features on screen.

Core Features

eve cloud phone system has all the core business functions you need beyond making and receiving calls.

  • Group pickup lets you answer a co-worker’s phone from your own desk at the press of a button. This function is managed thorough the online portal.
  • Transfer calls to co-workers via attended where you announce the caller, or blind where you pass the call straight through.
  • Message on Hold enables you to play music or advertise products and services with a custom message.
  • Voicemail will be alerted via a notification on your handset or have the message emailed to you. You can update your voicemail message easily at any time using the handset.

Call Management

Advanced call handling systems will ensure that your callers experience a neat, efficient and effective service when getting in touch. Easily to set up and manage your call groups in the eve portal.

  • Priority routing to more experienced users so your customers receive the best support.
  • Custom messaging reassuring your customers that their call will be answered as soon as possible.
  • Time schedules to manage calls to an alternative destination if your office is closed.
  • Agent and Queue statistics to easily analyse call data and calling patterns to see where additional resources may be required.

Unified Communications & Collaboration UC&C

A single app for group calling, instant messaging, meetings and content sharing cutting the complexity of multiple software and reducing security risks. UC&C makes working with colleagues straightforward wherever you are.

Voice calls remain critical to work, as does mobility. Supported by messages and team meetings your employees will have the fastest, clearest way to collaborate.

The eve platform integrates all UC&C features on any device, whether iOS, Android, PC or MAC. Providing a single software experience that works across multiple connected devices, thus removing the complexity and expense of integration and support.


Every user has access to an online portal to control the features they need, from presence to listening to recorded calls. With different levels of access, your team can:

  • Manage twinned devices
  • Save and update contacts, set them to private or share
  • Manage and set up hunt groups
  • Utilise call reporting across your business to review activity
  • Listen and download call recordings
  • Forward plan your availability.

Call Centre Functions

eve call centre technology can use rule-based instructions such as caller ID, automatic number identification, interactive voice response or dialled number identification services to determine how calls are handled. Automatic call distribution routes incoming calls to the most qualified employees that can address a caller’s needs.

Real time reporting on your PC or smartphone or displayed on a wall mounted TV screen allows you to monitor call stats, time to pick-up, number of calls by agent providing performance information for supervisors to check targets are achieved.

Number Management

Regardless of where you are located, you can have any UK phone number you like, from Peterhead to Land’s End so that you can appear local to your customers. You can add freephone numbers 0800 and 0330 which are especially helpful to monitor marketing campaigns.

You can, of course, keep your existing numbers. Our portal makes it easy to manage your numbers, making sure the right team members receive the right calls.


eve security and 24-hour monitoring will keep you safe in the knowledge that your business is protected. Telecommunication fraud has become a multibillion-pound global problem that we take very seriously.

With constant monitoring of call volumes and patterns eve measures against a pre-defined set of rules, especially premium rate numbers. If any unusual activity is detected calls will be automatically blocked.

Centrally managed and continual development of processes will continue to keep you safe as fraud becomes ever more sophisticated.


With eve multi-site feature, you can unify all your sites into one phone system. Combining a mixture of cloud and SIP channels into an existing phone system, eve can bring all your sites together to form a single phone system.

Call Recording

All calls made and received can be recorded removing the need to take notes whilst on a call. Whether this information is required to settle a dispute, provide insight or staff training, or allow colleagues to pick up a call doesn’t matter. Automatic call recording takes communication to a new level.


There are three licence types to choose from, plus some additional options

Dial tone
Hunt group capability
Music on hold
Personal call queues
On-demand call recording
Group chat
Collaboration +^
Integration with Microsoft Exchange / Office 365
Access to my Mobile App for true mobility and exceptional voice everywhere^
Access to my desktop client^^

^ Additional Charge


Our account managers are technically qualified to evaluate your business phone system needs, from required bandwidth to network cabling to ensure your entire business is connected.

We provide:

  • Line Rental – up to 20% cheaper than BT standard business rates
  • Call Charges – up to 50% cheaper than BT standard business rates
  • Free fault reporting
  • Upgrade work – from analogue to digital or IP
  • One call for all of your communication requirements

If you would like to save money and make cheaper business calls contact us now and arrange for a free analysis of your bill. From one call we can learn about your usage and then find the best prices possible for your business. We are a family run business so if circumstances change we will be able to adapt accordingly and you will always be able to speak with our team if you need guidance or advice.

Please use the contact form below, or call us on 01202 705030

Cloud Phone System FAQ’s

Hosted VoIP is the easiest way to keep your numbers or add any new numbers at any time.

VoIP numbers are the same as any local or national number; they are issued by Ofcom from standard number ranges and work in exactly the same way. The numbers of your choice are diverted to either your desk phone, mobile, PC or all three.

BT is required by regulation to transfer (port) numbers to other telephone providers.

The key benefit of unified communication is single software that your team are using for VoIP, can use it for a lot more. Rather than having some team members on Skype, some on WhatsApp and others using Viber. eve collaborations tools extend the capability of VoIP to instant messaging, file sharing, video chat and conference calling securely within your VoIP network.

With traditional business phone systems, phone lines are connected to a PBX server at your office. The PBX server (private branch exchange) then routes the calls to as required. This could be to a phone in your office, mobile phone or IP phone connected at another location.

With Hosted phone systems you are connecting to a PBX stored in the cloud. Centrally managed and updated, hosted VoIP removes additional work for your IT staff whilst providing all the features of an enterprise phone system.