NEC SL2100

Designed to simplify communications. NEC SL2100 hybrid PBX phone system provides more built-in functionality than most on-site phone systems

The NEC SL2100 smart communications system is designed to improve communications by offering more already built in such as 24/7 Security, VoIP calling, UC&C and comprehensive management and reporting.

This is a reliable and versatile platform which exceeds business demands across all industries.

NEC SL2100 PBX, Phones & Handsets


Single number reaches your desk phone, mobile phone and softphone. Homeworkers can have a full office phone experience from IP phones as well as mobile extensions, keeping your business connected wherever they are.


Pay for what you need now and scale up any time with additional extensions and plug-and-play handsets. If you need them, you can also add extra applications.


NEC Toll Fraud Guard monitors all SIP lines 24/7 against pre-defined tolerances. In the instance of an attack, your admin will be alerted and calls immediately blocked.


Measure and monitor your entire communications. Pre-defined or customised reports in full detail or summary provides you with the information you need.

Seamless integration

The NEC SL2100 works with normal phone lines, IDSN as well as SIP. A phone system that is ready when you are to make the move to the low cost calling of VoIP.


Flexible Working

The modern office today depends on communications which allow flexible working and mobility. As well as reducing business costs, the NEC SL2100 keeps your entire team connected wherever they are.

In the office

NEC offers a variety of handsets for all professionals. From DECT wireless phones to advanced voice and video IP phones.

NEC SL2100 at work

At Home

At home as in the office, IP phones provide increasingly flexible working. With IP desk phones your home workers have full access to features including ring group, business directory, call transfer and do not disturb.


On the road

Providing single number access, your smartphone is simply an extension of your office phone using the NEC mobile app. Your team can participate as easy as in the office with both video and voice conferencing calls.

NEC SL2100 Mobile App

Unified Communications & Collaboration

Managing communication sources can be difficult with a variety of communication channels including email, text and instant message. UC&C provides a single view of all communication lines and enables connectivity through multiple devices.

NEC Unified Communications Web Real Time Communications

InUC is provided as standard and accessed through PC or mobile client. An easy-to-use interface that is so intuitive that no team training is required, InUC offers:

  • Company directory with live status (available, busy, holiday)
  • Instant messaging with push notifications and multicast communication
  • Web video meeting, supporting up to 4 conferences each with up to 8 participants
  • Screen sharing enables remote collaboration with multiple users

Businesses incorporate this innovative technology in order to facilitate employee engagement and create a competitive advantage. These advanced communication features are cost effective to implement with the NEC SL2100.

We Supply. Install. Train. Maintain.

NEC is known worldwide for its excellence in telecommunications and has won numerous awards for their hard work and dedication in ensuring their telephone systems meet today’s business needs.

With an incredible amount of configurable options NEC telephone systems provide the NEC SL2100 is a full enterprise phone system that’s cost effective for small business users that can evolve over time along with your business needs.

This is why Phones 4 Business have become an accredited NEC Business Partner


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