With 94% of small businesses considering a reliable and fast internet connection critical to their success, it was no surprise that businesses in 22 cities around the UK were recently given the opportunity to apply for a government grant worth up to £3000 to get better connectivity and faster broadband speeds, so they could reap the business benefits associated with being better connected.

Phones 4 Business looks at the ways faster broadband can improve your business.

Fast Means Efficient

According to a 2014 survey by the Pew Research Centre, a huge 94% of jobholders are internet users, and out of those, 54% say the internet is important to doing their jobs, more important in fact, than phones.

If you or your employees spend any part of the day using the internet, waiting for pages to load or watching files upload or download can be frustrating. There is little in the way of productive work that you can squeeze into these ‘waits’ and all that time adds up to cost your business a significant amount of money due to a slow internet connection.

Quick Equals Better Communication & Collaboration 

A fast internet connection will improve the way you communicate and collaborate, whether you’re a small or large business.

Good broadband will allow your team to communicate with customers, colleagues or partners on real time video calls from all over the world, growing your business and allowing you to access new markets.

Cloud software allow a range of users to share a secure workspace and collaborate on projects, documents and videos all in a completely paperless way but cloud computing means constant uploading and downloading, which will take time, especially if you have a slow internet connection.

Speed Can Save You Money

The efficiency gained from a fast internet connection can save your business money over time, but there are other direct savings you can also benefit from right away. With a speedy broadband connection you can start to look at other money saving solutions, like online data storage, moving employees to home offices (you’ll need a broadband connection for them to use a remote access system) and online applications that can save you money but will all need a fast connection to work.

Improve Security with Additional Back up

Many companies with large data sets have to rely on local only backups because slow internet connections are limiting their ability to back up to the cloud. Fast broadband will make cloud backups possible and will increase the security of your data through faster and safer backups. The best bit about backing up to the cloud? Your data will still be available even during site disasters like fires or floods.