Your telephone system is a powerful tool which is integral to the success of your business. Most companies start losing money and customers as soon as their phones stop working.

If you rely on your phone systems to operate your business, and do not have a phone system maintenance contract in place, the damage to your reputation and sales could be huge.

So what are the risks of not having a phone system maintenance contract in place?

No guaranteed response times

If you are losing hundred or thousands of pounds per hour with a telephone system offline, you will want the problem resolved immediately. Without a maintenance contract in place you cannot guarantee that engineers will be able to resolve the problem immediately and you may have to wait for several days before the issue is fixed.

Non-specialised teams

Without a contract in place, you may not be able to get access to the right people to solve the problem. Many businesses require you to speak with non technical staff first and the process can cost you valuable time and money.

Your business will not be future proof

Without damage control plans in place, like a phone system maintenance contract, businesses are less able to solve problems and show their customers, boards and investors that they can handle their affairs properly and are set up to deal with all situations.

Surprise Costs

Many businesses need to plan and budget for the years ahead. No knowing how much you will have to fork out to get your phone system back up and running as quickly as possible can be difficult.

Loss of reputation

If you are a business owner, having customers call to find they can’t get through or to have customers think you have gone out of business can cause real problems and can damage your reputation for years to come.

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